The Trials and Triumphs as a Lifelong Storyteller

January 7, 2024
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In 2023, I turned 40.  It always seemed so far off, and then BAM, in a great siege, it came down all around me.

As I take stock of the past two decades of my professional, personal, and spiritual life, I feel cause for pause and reflection before setting forth on the next 20.

I graduated from journalism school in 2005, and that night, I drove across the country to my first job as a television news reporter in Sioux City, Iowa. As a career broadcast storyteller, I made jumps from Iowa to Shreveport, Louisiana, to San Diego, and Phoenix.

In 2011, I left television news and my dreams of being Katie Couric for a new dream—to build a company of my own, telling video stories for companies.

It’s been a storied 20 years of telling stories. I’ve sat down with U.S. presidents, famous actors, and rockstars. I’ve hunted serial killers, chased hurricanes, created fundraising videos for local non-profits, and traveled the world telling stories for international brands.

I’ve lost a parent, dogs, and several passports. I’ve traveled deep into the Peruvian jungle and through the Amazon to the base of the Ganges in Varanasi, trying to “find” myself. I’ve been through yoga school and run marathons in multiple countries, but I’ve also sat on my couch for months, trying my hardest to call in inspiration.

I’ve been on silent meditation retreats, Tony Robbins seminars, ayahuasca ceremonies, motorcycle rallies in Sturgis, burning man, countless drum circles and breath workshops, spent probably one year combined searching for meaning and purpose in Joshua tree, and five in therapy. 

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I’ve learned nearly 100% of my lessons the hard way. I’ve had failures. I’ve made comebacks on comebacks.  

I’ve survived the agony and ecstasy of love.  

There are a few things that never change: My love for English bulldogs, Christmas, and storytelling. 

I am in awe of my beautiful corner of the country that I enjoy endlessly while everything else in life comes and goes. 

I’ve learned that it’s not over until it’s over, and I get to start over every day or at any point in the day. Time passes, but I’ll never be as young and able as I am today, so make it happen!

…And more will always be revealed.

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