The Dance between Video and Written Content

Turning some of your company’s critical communications into video can be an effective tool for engaging clients. Sometimes this means finding the gems in the bevy of written content firms and other businesses publish and making a video version. When we do this there is always a balance between what information will be in the video version. What we have discovered is that video is not a replacement for text but when published with a detailed written counterpart it can have a powerful impact – much more than standing on its own.

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In fact, a few clients have commented that when a video is published with an article, if the viewer watches the video, they are more interested and connected to the content and are 3x more likely to stay on the page and continue reading in-depth on the topic.

We’ve produced hundreds of business to business marketing videos in which we create compelling video from a published written page. In our experience the perfect balance for the video versions is more like a teaser of the written copy. They are typically two to three minutes in length and offer just a few takeaways so the viewer gets the gist. These type of videos do not have to be a summery of the text, in fact they shouldn’t be that. Having the video accompany a written piece makes the content not only more likely to be seen in search engines, but also offers a brief and concise overview that has the potential to get a viewer to make more of an investment by reading on and learning the information you’ve spend countless hours to put together in hopes that people will read it!

Click here for an example of a successful pairing of video and written content. 


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