Historic Steel Gets New Life In City Wonder

Our latest video is part of a series for the Urban Land Institute that profiles iconic buildings and developments which transform cities and the way people work and live.

The SteelStacks in Bethlehem, PA produced steel for some of the most important structures in the U.S. such as the Golden Gate Bridge and the Empire State Building as well as many vessels and vehicles during World War II. 

Leaders reimagined it as the site for Bethlehem’s own arts and cultural campus. They transformed it into an absolute wonder, captivating all within eyeshot.

Since its revitalization, SteelStacks has been coined a man-made Red Rocks, a place unlike any other in the country. 

The people and stories behind the projects ULI profiles in these case studies are some of the most compelling subjects we’ve had the opportunity to capture and share.

Do you have a story that could be brought to life?  If so, please reach out and let us know. We would like to help share your compelling story.

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