Firm’s That Have Their Own YouTube Channel Get it Right

When exploring your firm’s video options for ease of use and maximizing the viewing experience, creating a custom firm YouTube channel is the way to go. YouTube is the third largest search engine and growing. The site receives over 4 billion video views each day. All of the videos you have created should live on this page, in one spot, whether they are great professional videos or simple ones you have shot yourself. Continue to populate your channel and watch how much more Google starts to show you some love.  


Here are 5 ways to optimize your YouTube while getting free SEO working for you.

1) Videos uploaded to YouTube have the ability to rank independently in search engines and in many cases rank higher than written content. One minute of video is equal to 1.8 million words which makes video a richer source of information, more accessible to users and more likely to rank higher on numerous search engines.

2) The use of keywords allows your company’s videos to show up across a multitude of different search engines. Key words are free and allow your company to choose words that describe the content and messaging of each video. When using key words think about what your viewers might search when looking for content like yours.

3) Your YouTube channel is another platform to help brand your firm and engage your audiences. They are managed in a similar fashion to that of your website and social media pages meaning that adding fresh content and carrying key messaging points through the channel helps to raise firm visibility and search engine rankings.

4) YouTube videos are also easy to embed on your other online platforms and can be a beneficial tool to keep your target audiences engaged on your pages for longer periods of time. According to studies conducted by Comcast, visitors that watch video tend to stay on a site for an average of two minutes longer.

5) It allows for streamline marketing. A YouTube channel allows for all of your videos to be in one place allowing easier access for the audience.

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