Enhance Relationships with the Next Generation of Client Focused Videos

Law firms are increasingly seeing the power of video as an effective tool to reach existing clients, to engage referral sources and to attract new clients;.Developing videos that get results requires  planning and creativity. One of the challenges in selling legal services is finding unique ways to pay off the firm’s brand and differentiation. Many times a client will hire a specific attorney, rather than the law firm per se. Focusing on individual attorneys can be challenging as the attorney’s practice area nuances must be highlighted while staying true to a firm’s brand. Inspiring videos can do so much more than simple bio-type videos connecting clients and referral sources to emotion,  unique messaging, and interesting cases and projects. By capturing an attorney’s unique essence in a story, a video can share an effective story to reach intended audiences with flare.

Florian Rentsch (FDP), Hessian minister for Economics, Transport and Regional Development, Peter Ramsauer (CSU), German Federal Minister of Transport, Building and Urban Development, Kristina Schroeder (CDU), German Federal Minister of Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth and Roger Lewentz (SPD), Rhineland-Palatinate minister for the Interior and infrastructure during the groundbreaking ceremony for expansion and new construction of German Autobahn A 643 between Wiesbaden and Mainz. The completion of building operations for the new bridge and highway is scheduled for 2019.

Consider exploring video  in a variety of communications that you provide to clients and prospects.You will find new and exciting opportunities to connect and engage them. Here are a few ideas of communications that can be brought to life through video.

Legal alerts – Videos present risks and opportunities posed by changing laws for clients and prospects.


Press release — These videos capture important news and surveys for our clients and the markets  served.


Educational — Informative tips on frequently asked legal questions for clients and prospective clients


Community involvement — Document community involvement efforts that may be of interest to client and community


Women and Diversity — Use video to showcase initiatives through impactful and inspiring video stories


Industry Surveys — Promote firm thought leadership in well produced videos to improve firms image and reach of topics of interest to clients and potential clients.


Pro bono — Show off the work attorneys do to make the legal system accessible and fair, especially to the poor and disadvantaged and to the nonprofit organizations that serve them. 


Client Profiles — Explore unusual projects clients are working on that might be of interesting to clients and prospects relays the breadth and variation of ways attorneys serve their clients, the relationship between attorney and client and knowledge and attention of client’s business.


Event Promos — Having others distribute your message provides a greater reach than what you can distribute by yourself. Video can play a powerful role in a partnership with other industry organizations when sponsoring events.


Internal & Recruiting — Identifying the keys to a firm’s success and highlighting the elements that make it successful through the interesting stories that might not be of public interest but can be of extreme interest to a potential recruit through firm history or landmark cases the firm has handled.


Panel & Speaking engagements –Filming and creating a compelling video story around an event your attorney is moderating or speaking at is a great opportunity to showcase their talent and to share it with coveted clients and referral sources.

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