Emotion Trumps Logic in Video: People Buy From The Heart, So Speak To It!

Solving someone’s problems might not be enough to make people want to buy what you are selling. More than ever, people are finding a personal and emotional connection with brands through clever and thoughtful marketing. Just liking the message or the cause could be enough to make a decision to purchase a more expensive, possibly less-effective product.

Take for example the approach of my brilliant client, Chief Marketing Officer Adam Stock, from Allen Matkins. While videos about the law firm’s services are important, the stories behind the scenes that partners and staff are doing in the community are just as powerful.

The videos where the firm has been most successful at this is profiling organizations that have partners of Allen Matkins sitting on their boards and making sure they are an active voice in the story. Through this, the organization gets a great video — which they always need — that shares their message giving the firm recognition for their passion and enthusiasm in the community.

Just consider that not every single one of your videos has to drive direct sales. Videos that drive emotional connection and loyalty can be just as valuable as the more traditional product-focused ones.

This kind of loyalty is what marketers and business owners cherish, and it can open up a whole slew of other opportunities for your business.

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