Feast Studios founder Liz Herrgott

Do you know an excellent photographer or editor or maybe someone who just has wonderful ideas that make stories come alive and inspire?

We are looking for a few creatives who thrive on crafting the unexpected, the novel, the heartwarming – all from real life stories. We welcome directors, producers, and writers who love to help develop concepts, scripts and witty content.

FEAST helps businesses capture the perfect expression of themselves through video stories. We strive to understand the passion of each client creating exciting ways to communicate that passion. This is the abundance that allows clients to shine and express their true selves.

Our clients are dynamic complex individuals who tend to be attorneys, developers, or businesses owners. Each one has a great story to tell. We develop them into videos that bond with their clients.

Client stories can be issues or causes, events or conferences, alerts or PSA, commercials or viral videos. Check out our videos to see if our style fits with yours: capturing the essence of clients through the medium of storytelling videos.

Please have these passionate storytellers email us with one or two stories of their creation. Come join in the FEAST! info@feaststudios.com