Firm’s That Have Their Own YouTube Channel Get it Right

When exploring your firm’s video options for ease of use and maximizing the viewing experience, creating a custom firm YouTube channel is the way to go. YouTube is the third largest search engine and growing. The site receives over 4 billion video views each day. All of the videos you have created should live on this page, in one spot, whether they are great professional videos or simple ones you have shot yourself. Continue to populate your channel and watch how much more Google starts to show you some love.  


Here are 5 ways to optimize your YouTube while getting free SEO working for you.

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The Thumbnail Phenomenon: Why it Matters More Than the Video Behind it

You’ve spent a significant amount of resources and time producing that new video. It’s great and you know it has a realistic potential to land additional business. If your viewer clicks on the link and spends just 10 seconds on it, they’ll be hooked. However, there is one crucial aspect of this video release that is just as, if not more, important than the whole video itself.

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It’s the thumbnail; the little square image that is the deciding factor of whether that potential client or contact will give your video, and your firm, a chance.

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The Dance between Video and Written Content

Turning some of your company’s critical communications into video can be an effective tool for engaging clients. Sometimes this means finding the gems in the bevy of written content firms and other businesses publish and making a video version. When we do this there is always a balance between what information will be in the video version. What we have discovered is that video is not a replacement for text but when published with a detailed written counterpart it can have a powerful impact – much more than standing on its own.

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In fact, a few clients have commented that when a video is published with an article, if the viewer watches the video, they are more interested and connected to the content and are 3x more likely to stay on the page and continue reading in-depth on the topic.

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CEO’s Respond to Videos

According the Forbes, 75% of C-level executives watch videos. It is not just millennials and it is important to note that increasingly, companies interested in investing in business to business video marketing have increased positive exposure with their target markets by sharing video on business related topics.


Google conducted a survey of more than 300 C-level and senior executives back in 2010.The results showed that executives watch work-related videos on business-related websites at least weekly.

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Enhance Relationships with the Next Generation of Client Focused Videos

Law firms are increasingly seeing the power of video as an effective tool to reach existing clients, to engage referral sources and to attract new clients;.Developing videos that get results requires  planning and creativity. One of the challenges in selling legal services is finding unique ways to pay off the firm’s brand and differentiation. Many times a client will hire a specific attorney, rather than the law firm per se. Focusing on individual attorneys can be challenging as the attorney’s practice area nuances must be highlighted while staying true to a firm’s brand. Inspiring videos can do so much more than simple bio-type videos connecting clients and referral sources to emotion,  unique messaging, and interesting cases and projects. By capturing an attorney’s unique essence in a story, a video can share an effective story to reach intended audiences with flare.

Florian Rentsch (FDP), Hessian minister for Economics, Transport and Regional Development, Peter Ramsauer (CSU), German Federal Minister of Transport, Building and Urban Development, Kristina Schroeder (CDU), German Federal Minister of Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth and Roger Lewentz (SPD), Rhineland-Palatinate minister for the Interior and infrastructure during the groundbreaking ceremony for expansion and new construction of German Autobahn A 643 between Wiesbaden and Mainz. The completion of building operations for the new bridge and highway is scheduled for 2019.

Consider exploring video  in a variety of communications that you provide to clients and prospects.You will find new and exciting opportunities to connect and engage them. Here are a few ideas of communications that can be brought to life through video.
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Emotion Trumps Logic in Video: People Buy From The Heart, So Speak To It!

Solving someone’s problems might not be enough to make people want to buy what you are selling. More than ever, people are finding a personal and emotional connection with brands through clever and thoughtful marketing. Just liking the message or the cause could be enough to make a decision to purchase a more expensive, possibly less-effective product.

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Using A Community Involvement Video As A Powerful Tool to Market And Tell Your Story

The most effective marketing videos have truth and emotion at their cores and that’s why when a team of Allen Matkins attorneys were suiting up to go to court to secure adoptions for families in the Los Angeles area as part of National Adoption Day. The firm’s marketing team jumped at the opportunity to create an emotional and compelling story featuring its attorneys and their pro bono service work with Public Counsel.

The teary-eyed story profiles the adoptive mother of three children going through the process: Before; during; and after the adoption hearing with their attorney by their side.Continue reading

Building An Icon

Digging into the extraordinary visions and bold decisions behind the places around the world that transform, inspire and captivate us.

It was just two weeks after Developer Forest City Ratner closed on a $680 million construction loan to build a 76-story building in New York City to be designed by Frank Gehry when Bear Sterns collapsed and the economy soon came down with it.Continue reading

Historic Steel Gets New Life In City Wonder

Our latest video is part of a series for the Urban Land Institute that profiles iconic buildings and developments which transform cities and the way people work and live.

The SteelStacks in Bethlehem, PA produced steel for some of the most important structures in the U.S. such as the Golden Gate Bridge and the Empire State Building as well as many vessels and vehicles during World War II. 

Leaders reimagined it as the site for Bethlehem’s own arts and cultural campus. They transformed it into an absolute wonder, captivating all within eyeshot.Continue reading

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hello and Happy Thanksgiving from Feast Studios!

There have been a lot of changes since we transformed Lunchbox Video Productions into Feast Studios. We’ve been having a blast creating great content for our clients and we are constantly growing!

We are casting our net for new talent far and wide so we can continue to create compelling and effective videos for our clients. Do you know anyone who might want to join us?

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