About Feast Studios


FEAST Studios is a journalism-based video production company that reaches audiences through meaningful and memorable stories. We tell the stories behind the success that capture a company's essence, engaging audiences through informative and inspiring videos. Our stories reflect a passion for people, what's exceptional about one's business, and find that captivating balance between what's newsworthy and what will foster a deeper, emotional connection.

Why you can NO longer avoid video.

YouTube is the new Google:

By 2017, video will account for 69% of all consumer internet traffic.

Video helps clients and prospects find you:

Video appears in about 70% of top Google listings.

Google loves video:

50x greater chance of ranking on the 1st page of Google with video.
Forbes study

C-Level execs watch video:

75% of C-level executives watch work related videos and 60% of the same executives preferred video.
Forbes study

Clients tend to like and trust people more with video:

Companies with video on their website have a 20% higher conversion rate.
Salesforce study

They tend to stick around and stay engaged longer:

The average user’s visit to a text and image-based website lasts only 43 seconds; for a website with video, the average visit lasts 5 minutes, 50 seconds.

Let Liz Herrgott, Founder and Creative Director of FEAST Studios, harness the power of storytelling for your firm. This compelling type of video is the future and the future is now.

BEHIND THE FEAST: About Liz Herrgott

After graduating from the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism in 2005, Liz became a TV journalist spending as much time behind the camera as in front producing, writing, filming and editing all of her own stories in various markets around the country. Liz worked as TV Reporter and journalist in various market is from 2005 through 2009 culminating for the NBC affiliate in San Diego.

During the 2008 presidential campaign season Liz covered the presidential candidates leading up to the Iowa Caucuses including interviews with President Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, John Edwards and others.

In 2010 Elizabeth founded FEAST Studios to bring together all of her journalistic skills and passion to reach audiences through meaningful and memorable stories. FEAST continues to grow and expand working with clients in a myriad of industries including professional services firms, manufacturers, real estate, entrepreneurs and startups.